"If Dad was here now things would be different."

"Is there something wrong with my boys or, is this what teenage boys do?"

Case Studies and Testimonials

Read what parents and carers have to say about their experiences of YC5 and how attending the programme has helped them in their day-to-day lives.

Crea8ing Careers – Facilitator – Lynnette Akwei-Howe

“Delivering the Youth Connect 5 programme has been a pleasure. It gives parents an easy way to reflect on their own lives and issues, consider what may be impacting on their children and family, simple strategies and techniques to make changes and improve relationships.

It gives parents space, sometimes for the first time, to discuss and share with others their concerns, and to also look at the positives and strengths rather than just focussing on the negatives.

Many parents have been able to use this as a springboard to realising that they required further support, whether through counselling for themselves or their children, further parenting courses, specific knowledge required and so on.

Several parents reported that they have been able to reduce the tension in their homes, as by remembering their stress responses, they stop to think and shout at the children less often and seek other ways to engage in conversation with their children. Many have become more engaged in volunteering or external activities, reducing their own sense of isolation.

The majority have also increased the activities they do as a family and finding ways to spending more time together. For some, this has been a simple as eating a meal together at least once a week, to introducing special time with each child or having family outings.

Youth Connect 5 is a simple but powerful programme, that serves as a fantastic start to improving well-being and resilience of families from the most advantaged to the most disadvantaged.”

Lucy - Cre8ting Careers Parent/Carer

“It was quite by chance that I ended up attending a Youth Connect 5 course.  With eight children between us, my friend and I had done our fair share of moaning about how hard this parenting lark actually was day in and day out.  One day she phoned and asked if I fancied going on this parenting course she’d found on social media. When we arrived, we weren’t sure what to expect but we were soon put at ease by the lovely course facilitators, Lynne and Suzie.  It quickly became a weekly highlight for us; a safe space where we could share freely, listen, laugh and cry with one another.

I think the biggest things I learned over the five weeks was that firstly I am far from alone riding the rollercoaster that is parenting in 2018.  Too often we feel isolated, yet at any given time, others are going through similar experiences. The course gave us all an opportunity to learn from and support each other.  The second thing that soon became apparent was that the strategies given actually work!

Our family life has been calmer as a result and I have also been able to pass on my knowledge to my partner.  Finally, the course emphasises personal well being and the importance of “putting on your own oxygen mask first”.  I have made some life-changing decisions as a direct result of attending Youth Connect 5, which have and will continue to have, such a positive impact on our family life.  Thank you, Lynne, Suzie and all the lovely ladies at the Belvidere centre in Wallasey for reminding me that parenting and indeed, life itself is an experience to be shared!

Barbara and John - Cre8ting Careers

Crea8ing Careers delivered Youth Connect 5 support program at Carrbridge Centre.

The course was fun and easy to learn. It was delivered in a way that you could easily understand. It was one of the best courses we have done. The course is suitable for any parents from all walks of life, or even if you are just working with children.

It teaches you to think before you speak, to reflect on how I would feel if you were in your child’s place, remembering our stress responses and trying to control it. It helped us to remember that we can deal with day to day life without getting so upset and working together as a team more.

It a course that should not be missed.  

Louise - Cre8ting Careers

Crea8ing Careers delivered the Youth Connect 5 parent support programme at our community centre.It has been one of the best courses I have ever done!

The way it was delivered meant that not only was it a bit of a laugh, but I didn’t feel judged and could admit some of the things that I had needed to improve.

I realised that I might not get it right every time, but I could keep trying to remember and work on the skills and tips we learned to help improve myself and family relationships.

I have really been able to use this in my day to day life, and I can see the changes already.

Helen - Cre8ting Careers

The Youth Connect 5 parenting course delivered by Crea8ing Careers, enormously helped me to think about the current stage of my child i.e. at school, home and our lifestyle.

This course gave me a chance to realise it does not a matter what background you hold; all the parents on the course only had one aim and that was to be there for our “Child/Children”.

What to expect in the coming years? How to prepare for each developmental stage with confidence? How to raise resilient and emotionally secure children? Decrease our own feelings of stress and anxiety, particularly when dealing with our child/ren‘s challenge(s)?  All questions and concerns you may have, can be discussed in this class with other parents and the facilitators.

The best thing I liked about this course the most is realising that “You are not alone”! Having other parents share their experiences, and strategies on how to engage meaningfully with our child/ren, helped me find other parents who understand what I am going through.

Attending the class was an opportunity to learn new skills in developing well-being and resilience both for myself and my child, while simultaneously getting support and making new friendships in a friendly and fun environment.

Hannah Tickle - Autism in Motion professional

Autism in motion Liverpool is a parent-led non-for-profit organisation that aims to improve the lives of children on the Autistic spectrum both pre and post diagnosis by supporting their social, mental health and general well-being.

They ran a parent/carer-led course for families of children with a wide mix of ages. Although the YC5 is a generic course, the team tailored it to adapt to the cohorts children’s additional needs, this was a natural response as they understood the child’s needs and were able to offer parent additional strategies, as well as those, provided by the YC5 booklet.

This was especially apparent in week one with the teenage brain model and also week four when feelings and emotions are mentioned. These responses are where these children’s difficulties are often more apparent so we could help the parents understand the difficulties of the average teenager’s brain functions but then also talk about the ADHD/ASD influence upon this. (Hannah Tickle, course leader)

Some of the feedback was as follows:

  • The course was great, helped me to consider things from my child’s point of view, but also to use that to strategise. Was also good to meet other parents in the same position and to feel that solidarity. Well delivered course, with a great understanding of how the topics could relate to neurodiverse young people. Would recommend!
  • Really good course, informal and informative. So good to spend time & meet other parents I could really relate to. Have met up outside of the course so hopefully made some new friends too. Thanks for the course.
  • The girls are amazing, friendly, kind loving and funny. You have helped me with things I’d not have known if I hadn’t been here. Its nice to feel welcome and listened too without feeling judged. Lovely group and lovely girls always make me feel welcome no matter what we feel.
  • Great training team, lots of real-life experience understanding and approachable, flexible friendly and warm.
  • Really good advice, easy to follow& replicate at home. Positive fun approach.
  • Really felt listened to & came away feeling more assertive.
  • Excellent course, training team all experienced and approachable.
  • When we spoke to the parents about any changes they said they all preferred the informal approach we took and when we tried to do the standing at the front and more official approach they felt talked at rather than talked to.