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YC5 & Transit Train the Trainer – Liverpool


11/03/2025 - 12/03/2025 9:30 am - 5:00 pm


Merseyside Youth Association Ltd
65-67 Hanover Street Liverpool

This course is commissioned for Liverpool based agencies. It includes both manual and resources. 

Parents and carers play a pivotal role in promoting the knowledge, skills and environment that can help children cope with adversity. Supporting families has a dual role in strengthening parent’s and children’s resilience.

We recognise parents as experts on their own children; this course is designed to be supportive and build on the knowledge, skills and expertise that some parents and carers already possess.

Staff receiving this training will subsequently deliver this training to parents and carers to:

  • Give parents and carers the knowledge, empathy, skills and tools to promote resilience and wellbeing for children and young people
  • Strengthen parent’s and children’s resilience
  • Increase confidence and equip parents & carers with more tools to support their child
  • Improve parent/child relationships

During the course you will:

  • Understand young people’s mental health
  • Think about what makes us thrive
  • Develop family resilience
  • Understand why we feel the way we do
  • Develop skills to support your children.

Once trained, trainees will be able to provide a five-session course (Zoom or face-to-face) to families and carers in a variety of settings, such as community, work, youth, and education settings.

Liverpool John Moores University has carried out the evaluation of the Youth Connect 5 Programme and can be accessed here

The summary report of the evaluation can be accessed here

The promotional video, which highlights the efficacy of YC5 can be found here

This training will run over 2 days and amalgamates both YC5 and Transit courses (NB YC5 to be completed before Transit).

Based on the original YC5 model (as outlined above), YC5 in Transit has been further developed by Merseyside Youth Association’s RAISE Team to help parents and caregivers to support their children’s mental health, wellbeing and resilience whilst specifically transitioning from primary to secondary school.

For further information, please contact Tony Niemen on 07801 744967



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