"She thinks everything's fine, but I'm worried I'm not going to get these grades."

"We just want our buys to be accepted, and to be able to cope with life's challenges." Mum

About the programme

Youth Connect 5 is a course that gives parents and carers across Cheshire and Merseyside the knowledge, skills and understanding to help their children develop strong emotional wellbeing through resilience-building techniques.

Responding to the vision of “Future in Mind” (FIM) report, a report that contains recommendations from a group of agencies and organisations jointly chaired by NHS England and the Department of Health, whilst supporting Local Transformation Plans and emotional health and wellbeing strategies, Youth Connect 5 uses a prevention approach by up-skilling families and carers.

The course was originally written by Elysabeth Williams from Public Health and psychologist Dr Martin Powell, and developed by Merseyside Youth Association to help parents and caregivers to support their children’s mental health, wellbeing and resilience.


The Public Health Institute (PHI) at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), undertook the evaluation of the YC5 Programme. You can read the report here.

Evaluation of the Youth Connect 5 Programme across Cheshire and Merseyside Ellie McCoy, Karina Kinsella, Selina Wallis, Rebecca Harrison & Hannah Timpson can be read here.


Course aims

The course will deliver five sessions that aims to:

  • Give parents and carers the knowledge, empathy, skills and tools to promote resilience and wellbeing for children and young people

  • Strengthen parent's and children’s resilience

  • Increase confidence and parental ability to support their child

  • Improve parent/child relationships

How will the programme work?

Parents and carers play a pivotal role in promoting the knowledge, skills and environment that can help children cope with adversity. Supporting families has a dual role of strengthening parent’s and children’s resilience. Whole school approaches to building resilience that work with both parents and staff have increased staff confidence, parental ability to support their child and improved parent/child relationships

We recognise parents as experts on their own children; this course is designed to be supportive and build on the knowledge, skills and expertise that some parents and carers already possess.

Youth Connect 5 will involve delivery of a ‘train the trainers programme’ across the nine local authorities. Staff receiving this training will then subsequently deliver this training to parents and carers.

Commitments and expectations

As a member of the families workforce, you will be either selected/nominated by your employers, or you can request to attend this programme as part of your professional development.

Each attendee will be required to make a commitment to undertake the following:

  • Sourcing and training a minimum of 20 parents (2 courses of 10 parents)

  • Arrange venues for parent and carer training sessions

  • Evaluate the courses

  • Feed this evaluation information back to Youth Connect Five


Within the Cheshire and Merseyside population of 2.4 million, 552,671 are children and young people (CYP) under the age of 18 years, by when 75% of mental health problems emerge.

A recent report on CYP emotional wellbeing revealed that across Merseyside there were low levels of resilience and high levels of risk factors relating to emotional health. The strongest driver of low wellbeing is when children experience weak and uncaring relationships with their family or carer.

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