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"She promised me she wouldn’t share the photo, now the whole school’s seen it." Zac

"I think she’s having too many bad days and not enough good ones - I’m not sure how I can help her." Mum

What is the Youth Connect 5 Programme?

Childhood should be a carefree, fun time, but sometimes children and young people face emotional and even traumatic experiences that may be related to family, relationship, health or even school situations.

Being expected to deal with problems and challenges life presents can become quite overwhelming for some, leading to anxiety, stress and even depression. We can’t control life’s situations, but being able to thrive despite these challenges comes from having strong skills of resilience.


Learning about resilience, and conversations we can have has helped me talk in a better way to my son, I understand some of the pressures he was going through!

Youth Connect 5 is a course that gives parents and carers across Cheshire and Merseyside the knowledge, skills and understanding to help children develop strong emotional wellbeing through resilience-building techniques.

These techniques will strengthen your child’s ability to adapt well to adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats or even stress, skills that will remain with them into adulthood. We like to think of it as being able to bounce back from difficult experiences.


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